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What do we do?

End-to-end digital customer loyalty solutions.

Digital loyalty program
Digital couponing
Coupononig marketing
Digital loyalty program

Great customer retention goes beyond just offering great customer experience. We innovate customer loyalty solutions by understanding modern consumers and their need for easy-to-use solutions and seamless customer experience across online and offline platforms. Boring loyalty cards that only saturate your wallet are gone. AwrdMe is the new way!

We believe in customer centricity. Our digital customer loyalty systems offer easy & quick integrations into your existing company processes, easy-to-use platform for your customers and key analytics that allow us to grow together.

App development.

Online ordering and shopping
Notification marketing

We start by understanding customers to their core. We develop from there. Like a great mr. Ferrero (you know the one, that practically made Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder) once said - there is a boss above all other and that is your customer. Our solutions are designed to make your customers happier and to make their lives easier.

We are a no-code app development company. This allows us to be quicker and much more cost efficient than our competitors. Integrating an app into your business model doesn’t have to be a 6-months long project anymore…


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Asses the problems

First, we take a good look at your company’s processes and recognize your main pain points. Based on that we can identify proper solutions, which will elevate your company to the next level. We identify main pain points by taking a deep dive into your business model and mostly by analyzing your existing processes. 

Develop solutions

Once we gather all the information needed to identify the problems you are facing, we start developing custom solutions for your company. With mixture of experience and youth, we are able to develop fast and efficiently, while maintaining high level of quality.

Integrate and optimize

Not only we take pride in being quick and cost efficient when developing new solutions, we also take pride in having a great integration process. We are aware of importance of not only giving you the right tools to succeed, but also help you understand them and use them. 


Subway® Slovenija

While having great success with online ordering system that we integrated into their business model, Subway wanted to stay one step ahead of the competition. We identified their need for reliable and easy-to-use digital couponing system and customer engagement program. Now, Subway has its own mobile app, which their customers can order food, collect loyalty points and use digital coupons through. From start to finish, we integrated the whole solution in 8 weeks. 

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Who is it for?

Entertainment centers
Shopping centers
Larger ecosystems


Customer centricity is in our DNA.

We are fast, really fast.

If you thought that developing an app or integrating digital customer loyalty program was a 6-months project, you were right. But not with us, we ensure you, that it will take no longer than 8 weeks, from initial meeting till the launch of our solutions in your company.

We are affordable.

Being a no-code app development company, we are much more cost efficient while developing custom solutions for your company. We believe in developing innovative products that are also affordable to our clients. 

We will do anything for you to suceed.

We don’t stop once we deliver. We believe that the only way for us to grow is to grow together with you. That is why we make sure that our solutions bring results for your company. 

Why will you be better with us?

Make lasting relationships with key customers

Customers won’t buy from someone they don’t believe in and have no relationship with. They want to create realtionships. They want to believe in your values. You create values and we create relationships.

Better understand your customers

Better understand your customers - Modern consumer wants fast, reliable, and convenient shopping, but most of all, they want lasting relationships and great customer experience. We can help you achieve all of the above.

Be more profitable

Did you know that it’s 7 to 25 times more expensive to onboard a new customer, as opposed to an existing customer? Well we do just that - make existing customers buy more frequently.

Key KPIs

1-2x higher customer retention rate
20-40% higher average check
70-100% higher customer lifetime value
1-2x faster ordering process
Bravo Studio
Gloria Food
Bravo Studio
Gloria Food

Who are we?

Founder and CEO

An all-around sports enthusiast and food lover. His first entreprenurial venture was while he was just a teenager, and since then he knew that this is his life mission. He always tries to understand people and their behaviour. Based on that he strives to lead AwrdMe into the agile customer centric tech company.

Co-owner & lead developer

UX / UI designer interested in motion design and solving all kinds of problems. Former football player who loves pizza and good sense of Fashion. He is an observent who always monitors new trends that occur in UX or UI. Agile frontend developer, who never stops learning and key part of our company.

Co-owner & strategic consultant

Initially being a first AwrdMe client, he realized how much AwrdMe helped his company. He saw an opportunity that lies within digital customer loyalty solutions. Now he helps the company with great experience being a Subway franchisee and having multiple successful tech startup companies as a strategic consultant of AwrdMe.

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